Dear New Friend,

Hi! Welcome to Church of the Apostles (some people just say “COTA”).

We're glad you're here. Here are a few things you might like to know:


Is this thing ever going to start?

Though our service is “scheduled” to start at 5PM, the first few minutes are used for saying hi to friends, meeting people, getting a snack or tea -- or just making yourself comfortable. You will know the service is about to start when you hear the bell or an announcement.


I’m fidgety and like to have an escape route. Is that ok?

We want you to be comfortable here! You are welcome to bring your cookies and tea with you to your seat. You are welcome to work on a craft project during the service. You are welcome to move your chair to somewhere more convenient. You are welcome in whatever way you would like to be present.


What should I do with these small creatures I call my children?

If you have kids, know that they are welcome too! They may sit with you, hang out at the kids table with activities, or stay in the kids room behind the Great Hall with our childcare provider. There is a changing table in the kids room and in the women's restroom downstairs. (men's restroom changing table coming soon)


If I gotta go, where do I gotta go?

There is one all gender restroom on the main floor, through the door on the left past the Great Hall. There are more bathrooms if you go through the same door and down the stairs. It can get kind of cold in there in the winter...just think of it as refreshingly crisp.


We’re not in Kansas First Church of Jesus anymore, are we?

The service uses elements of worship from Lutheran, Episcopal, and emerging traditions. If you run into something that you don't know or aren't comfortable with, don't worry! Just do the best you can, or sit it out. No pressure.


Why is everyone all of sudden walking around in the middle of the service?

In the middle of our service, following the Reverb (aka sermon), there will be a time we call Open Space. This is a period of a few minutes that is free for you to do what you wish . Before Open Space starts, someone will announce what stations  there are to interact with. You may also refill your tea, meditate, meet someone new, or whatever would be meaningful to you. It truly is your time. We will gather back together with singing.


How do I get me some of that bread and wine?

Communion is offered freely to everyone who wants it. You won't be turned away for any reason. You are welcome to refrain as well if you prefer. The bread is baked fresh every week by members of the community. There is always a gluten free option as well as grape juice available. Just ask when you come forward. If you just want to be blessed, cross your arms over your chest when you come forward.


I just drove around for ten minutes and walked 4 blocks...for Church!

You probably found street parking today. Congratulations! This area of Fremont continues to grow in popularity and parking is increasingly difficult. You are also welcome to park in the American Music lot two blocks north on Fremont after 5pm if you're running behind.


How can I learn more?

If you're interested in learning more about COTA or maybe just wanting to connect with someone from the church over coffee, please fill out a Connect to COTA form and leave it in the wooden box by the front door. We'd be happy to meet with you. We also have newcomer gatherings every quarter, which are just an opportunity to eat, drink and interact with some COTA regulars.


Thank you for being here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.