COTA is growing up. Thanks to your support over the years, we have already raised $80k of our $180k goal toward purchasing our longstanding home, the FREMONT ABBEY! You are invited to help us close the gap and cross the finish line with WELCOME HOME, a campaign to raise an additional $100,000 to purchase the building in 2018.


WELCOME HOME is be an opportunity to share our gifts, deepen our faith, and rejoice in the community we have built. 


Key Dates:

Oct-Nov > Contact if you are interested in receiving a visit or participating in a small group to learn more about making a pledge.

November 19 > Pledge cards available during worship.

December 3 > All are invited to make a pledge for 2018.

January 7 > We celebrate Epiphany and the gifts of our community, as we say WELCOME HOME to COTA and all who join us here.


The Fremont Abbey is home to Church of the Apostles and is a true treasure in an age when many churches struggle to survive. At Church of the Apostles, we are continuing to grow in number, grow in giving, grow in outreach, grow in effectiveness as an organization, we continue to provide healing to people hurt by the church, we continue to give birth to future church leaders, our creative liturgies and music continues to evolve and grow and we are finding new ways to share our discoveries with others. We are growing in stability, growing in love, and are seeking more and more ways to be sent into the world as people transformed in Christ.

We are calling this season of commitment WELCOME HOME — we are ready to buy our community home, the Fremont Abbey, and welcome all to participate in this effort.


In 2005 we moved into the Fremont Abbey, making it a space for our spiritual community, as well as a space that the community can access through the arts via the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Our 100 year old building has become a landmark in North Fremont and Church of the Apostles has nestled into the landscape for the past 12 years. Every day, the doors open for the community, whether it is for church, music lessons, concerts, dance performances, rehearsals, video-shoots, self-defense lessons, yoga, community meetings, fundraisers, weddings, RISE parties, and so much more.


Church of the Apostles invites you to join us in purchasing the Fremont Abbey and investing in making it an inviting place for all. We dream of a home that is beautiful, accessible, life-giving, and a long-term commitment to the community. Through the generosity of the Mission Investment Fund (of the ELCA), COTA has made a home in the Fremont Abbey. Now, we have an opportunity to become owners of this home. We call the Abbey home, so let’s welcome folks to this place we call home, once and for all.

Commit to our Welcome Home Building Fund for special giving during 2017–2018. We are asking for a one-time gift by the end of 2017, and a pledge to be given in 2018. Gifts can be made online and checks can be made out to Church of the Apostles (MEMO: Welcome Home).

Your monthly giving or one-time gift will allow Church of the Apostles to:

  1. Assume the mortgage. Become owners instead of renters. Free up funds with the Mission Investment Fund (ELCA) to be used as seed money with other newer churches.
  2. Accessibility. Create a more welcoming and inviting space. Dream of and invest in elevator installation.
  3. Energy efficiency. Insulation improvements. Solar energy considerations. Invest in capital improvements to our building so we can build a future together.



Pledge cards are available at church or you may pledge online here.

One time and year-end gifts are of course always welcome! Checks may be made to COTA with "Welcome Home" in the memo or make an online contribution here (designate gift to "Building Fund").