Like any nonprofit, Church of the Apostles relies on the support of our faithful and fabulous volunteers. Each Sunday, there are *at least* ten opportunities to serve and help make our liturgy happen!

Below are descriptions of the roles we sign volunteers up for each week. If you are interested in filling any of these roles and being a part of our Sunday serving teams, contact We would love to get you plugged in.



The Altar Guild volunteer acts as a steward and creator for the elements and spaces we use for worship.

Altar Guild Set Up volunteers help create the worship space and prepare the communion elements.

Arrive at 3:30pm to check-in and receive special instructions for the day.



The Slideshow Operator serves as a guide for the service – they help us experience worship as a community.

The Slide Operator advances the slides presentation during the service.

Arrive at 4:50pm to check-in and look over slides/script.



The Greeters act as a host for our worship.

Greeters welcome people at the door, find extra seating, and make themselves available to help orient newcomers.

Arrive by 4:45 to check-in and greet guests.



The Lector/Intercessor proclaims the word of god to the community. 

Readers are asked to read scripture, lead the prayers, and help with other spoken parts. There are 2-3 slots each Sunday for this.

Arrive at 4:50pm to check-in and read through texts.



The Communion Assistants carry the offering plates and offer the cup during the eucharist. 

Communion Assistants assist with offering and communion.

Arrive at 4:50pm to check-in and receive any special instruction for the day.



  • Create Open Space stations for engagement
  • Create slideshows for worship
  • Play in the band
  • Run the sound board
  • Write original prayers
  • Lead Godly Play with kids
  • Assist with childcare
  • Etc, etc.

Email to get connected.