Ministry Guilds and Societies curate the various ministries that serve the church. Most Guilds have a coordinator who recruits and trains new members, sends out communications and schedules participants’ service.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild sets up the worship space, prepares the altar, sets out communion vessels and linens, assists with open space engagement stations, etc.


Community Architects

If you are interested in helping plan and shape community-building and activities at COTA, this is a great place to get plugged in. Community Architects help plan retreats, coordinate meals after worship, and other overall community-enhancing programmatic things throughout the year.


Eagles Wings

'Eagles Wings' ;-) is the Music Guild at COTA. Led by our Music Director, Lacey Brown, members are invited to play music and facilitate community singing during our liturgies.


Liturgy Guild

The Liturgy Guild visions, brainstorms, plans and curates our weekly worship services. Planning is done by liturgical day or season. Members are asked commit to the Liturgy Guild for a whole season. You can sign up for one season per year or more, depending on your level of interest. Let us know if you are interested in participating in the upcoming season and we will get you looped in.


Society of St. Julian (SOSJ)

The SOSJ assists with pastoral and community care and meeting with newcomers. Current members of SOSJ are Amy Sawyer, Brian Garrison, Caleb Williams, Rev. Ivar Hillesland, Lacey Brown, & Susan Harper. Feel free to send us a note to meet with a member of SOSJ or let us know of any prayer requests you may have.


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