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Like the radiant glow of many lamps brought together, Church of the Apostles' new album, Lumen (latin for "light" or "opening"), is the result of a massive work of collaboration by members of our community. Featuring the well-sung songs of our church and mirroring our Sunday liturgy's movement through gathering, word, meal and sending, Lumen invites us all into the luminous heart of one humble expression of Christ's church. In a world often scared to hope, we pray that this collection of original and traditional songs of the Church might be an invitation to gather around the illimitable and illuminating love of God.

The Making of Lumen:

Album Credits

  1. Come to the Water

Words: John Foley

Music: Lacey Brown


  1. Phos Hilaron

Words: Greek, 3rd cent.

Music: Conditor alme siderum, plainsong, Mode 4

Arrangement: Lacey Brown


  1.  Lend Us Grace

Kristian Swearingen


  1. Alleluia (Ruah)

Music: Eagles Wings

Poem: Anne-Marie Hunsaker Chapaitis


  1. Spirit Of God

Words: Cecil F. Alexander, 1852

Music: Lacey Brown


  1. Blessed Are You

Lacey Brown


  1. O Children Wait

Kristian Swearingen


  1. I Will Arise

Words: Joseph Hart

Music: RESTORATION, Southern Harmony

Arrangement: Lacey Brown


  1. For All The Saints

Words: William W. How, 1864

Music: Lacey Brown



  1. Sanctus

Lacey Brown


  1. Agnus Dei

Lacey Brown


  1. What Wondrous Love Is This?

Words: Alexander Means, 1801

Music: WONDROUS LOVE, Southern Harmony, 1853

Arrangement: Lacey Brown

  1. O God We Wait

Kristian Swearingen


  1. Go Out Now

Words: Lacey Brown, adapted from You Are God, celtic oral tradition, 1st millennium

Music: Lacey Brown



Produced by Lacey Brown & Chiapotis

Engineered by Jonas G. at Jupiter Studios & Lacey Brown at Nervous Breakdance Studios

Mixed by Jonas G. at Mezzanine Floor Studios

Mastered by Rachel Field at RFI

​Album art by Christy Lindell - encaustic painting in pigmented beeswax

Photographed by Ivar Hillesland



Alex Johnston, Amy Sawyer, Anna Boyd, Anna Lisa Notter, Anne-Marie Hunsaker Chapaitis, Asaph Murfin, Caleb Williams, Chiapotis, Christy Lindell, Emily Johnston, Erin Quarterman, Ivar Hillesland, Jeff Brumley, John Barich, Justin Tobin, Ken Lysen, Kirsten Lysen, Kristian Swearingen, Lacey Brown, Lee Anne Tobin, Maria Bolla, Matt Quarterman, Matt Sawyer, Max Wood, Mike Notter, Ned Olson