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Like the radiant glow of many lamps brought together, Church of the Apostles' new album, Lumen (latin for "light" or "opening"), is the result of a massive work of collaboration by members of our community. Featuring the well-sung songs of our church and mirroring our Sunday liturgy's movement through gathering, word, meal and sending, Lumen invites us all into the luminous heart of one humble expression of Christ's church. In a world often scared to hope, we pray that this collection of original and traditional songs of the Church might be an invitation to gather around the illimitable and illuminating love of God.

This is the House of God





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This is The House of God is the third, full-length album from Church of the Apostles, Seattle. This is amazing, as we are only a nine-year old church (founded in 2002).

As a community of apostles, we live a 'perichoretic' life, meaning, we are aware that we live and move and have our being within the Triune God, and the Triune God lives and moves as God within us. Perichoresis is a word used by the early Church Fathers to describe the dynamic indwelling and harmonious relationship between three persons within the Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This relationship is often thought of as a divine dance, in which the whole cosmos is invited to participate. This is The House of God is a soundtrack for such participation within liturgy and song.

All of the songs on the CD were first used and recorded by 'The Late Late Service,' an experimental Christian community in Glasgow, Scotland in the 1990's. We have been using this music within our liturgies at Church of the Apostles for years, yet most of these songs remain unknown in North America. But no longer! Because, this music has been a gift to us from The Late Late Service, we now want to share it with all of you.

Deep thanks is in order to the community of The Late Late Service in Glasgow for the gift of this music, and to of the all of the musicians at COTA who help us to 'sing the angel's song’ anew. And special thanks to Lacey Brown, our Director of Music, who is the excellent pastoral musician making such angelic music happen on a weekly basis at Church of the Apostles and without which, this CD, and the previous COTA CDs Ordo and Laudamus would not have happened.

Perichoresis also means that we are the House of God. The veil is drawn as we live and move and have our being within God. So, as it for us, we hope and pray that this music will help you to dance, live, move and find your being within the Holy Trinity.

Sincerely, in the name of the Triune God,
Karen M. Ward, Founding Abbess  |  Church of the Apostles, Seattle, WA






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Laudamus (latin for "praise") is our audio journal of the praise that God continues to birth in our community. It is a window into our exploration of ancient words and forms of prayer. It is a representation of the friends that have spoken into our hearts, communities like MOOT (London), HOME (Oxford), Visions (York), Tribe (Los Angeles), as well as Celtic and Roman saints, Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran, and Anglican-Episcopal traditions all of whom have given us eclectic gifts of praise. In the combining of this weird and beautiful hodge-podge of praise the Spirit seemed to be loosening our tongues in an innovative and collaborative way that we felt called and document and share.






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