Community Space

Community Space are small groups of 5-10 COTAns who meet weekly for 3-month periods in a participant's home in order to be known, discover a compassionate reading of scripture, love each other, God, and ourselves more deeply. Community Space is thought of as an extension of Open Space. Its purpose is to draw the COTA community together in a more intentional way throughout the week.



Hysteria (COTA's group for those who identify as women) is a committed group of women that meets twice monthly (7-9pm) to build relationships and support one another on their spiritual paths - past, present and future. Intake of new members is seasonal due to the commitment needed to develop close relationships and to create a trusting environment.



COTA hosts a newcomer's gathering every three to four months at the Abbey or at a home of someone in the COTA community. Let us know if you are interested in attending the next gathering, and we'll be sure to send you an invite.


Theology Pub

Drinks, Community, Discussion - Theology Pub is meeting at 7:30pm at Blue Star Pub in Wallingford every first and third Tuesday.

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